On Board Solutions


We have developed a unique Android(TM) platform capable of monitoring and improving bus operations leveraging existing resources (e.g. bus wifi). Our solutions were designed to use cheap off-the-shelve hardware so that we can pass the savings onto you. 

Our platform provides real-time recommendations to your drivers with a unique visual interface. These solutions empower and make your drivers' life easier to help your agency save money and improve your passenger's experience.


Our on board platform enables the following solutions:

TEMPO - A fleet synchronization solution with support for multiple routes.

ECOVIA - Visual recommendations to achieve ecological and efficient driving.

AVI - Low cost CAD-AVL that helps monitor your vehicle fleet.


Stop bus-bunching before it starts


VIA Analytics' Tempo is a fleet synchronization system that automatically provides feedback to your drivers. Drivers continuously receive information on what course of action (e.g. holding times ) would yield the best results to keep the service on time. Our cutting edge algorithms and intuitive interface make your driver's life easier, improving service reliability to levels that are normally reserved to the most punctual train systems. Our patented solution has been deployed with various agencies throughout the world. 

With Tempo everybody wins:

  • Your passengers enjoy a more reliable service,
  • Your drivers and dispatchers have an easier job,
  • Your agency will increase ridership with higher passenger satisfaction, and better vehicle utilization. 

Revolutionize transit with Tempo 


Real-time Engine Feedback

Save fuel, save maintenance costs, and increase safety. Just plug-in inexpensive hardware into the vehicle's OBD port. Real-time information automatically streams from the engine to the on-board tablet wirelessly, providing useful feedback to the drivers.


Excessive Speed

Excessive Acceleration

Excessive Braking

Turn off Engine

ECOVIA can enable a 5-10% fuel reduction, saving thousands of dollars in cost and resulting in a better environment for all.

Save fuel and help the environment with ECOVIA


Low Cost Automated Vehicle Location

VIA Analytics' AVI is our automated vehicle location solution. It runs on inexpensive commoditized hardware and provides high frequency and high quality location data. Our solution provides great flexibility, for example: we can transmit the vehicle locations over commercial cell networks, or use existing on board connectivity (i.e. wifi). AVI works with GPS and bluetooth beacons to track vehicles both above and underground. This makes it a perfect solution for all kinds of transportation modes.

Make the most of your data by integrating it with other VIA solutions.