The VIA Analytics team has extensive experience in transportation consulting. Our co-founder Carlos Daganzo brings to the table decades of expertise in direct collaboration with major players in the industry. We provide innovative planning and analysis to help your agency improve their operations. 

Recent Projects


World Bank & TDCC, Ulaanbaatar



The World Bank contracted VIA's services to provide specialized technical and analytical support for the Bank’s urban transport technical assistance program in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. We are advising the Transportation Department of the Capital City on the implementation of a new Bus Management System that provides real-time data and analytics for managing bus operations, planning, and service delivery supervision, as well as for user’s trip planning.

TMB, Barcelona



VIA Analytics and Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona partnered to analyze the effects of possible operational improvements in their recently deployed high performance bus network: "la Noxa Xarxa". Using detailed simulations of lines H6, V7, and H8, the VIA Analytics team showed that small modifications to the algorithms behind the on-board bus control system could result in significant reliability gains.


Generalitat de catalunya & Rodalies



The Secretary of Infrastructures and Sustainability at the Catalan government, the Generalitat de Catalunya, contracted VIA to test our AVI system in the context of their regional commuter rail: Rodalies de Catalunya. We successfully used cheap off-the-shelf hardware to monitor the operations of the equipped trains both in real-time and at a historical level. We also developed inexpensive systems to measure the arrival and departure times at stops with no GPS coverage. The test ran successfully for over half a year, collecting thousands of arrivals and departures in 5 different lines. The results of the study were presented in the Smart City Expo 2015, Barcelona.

Other Projects

EMT, Palma de Mallorca (2015) - Simulation of Tempo in the context of their line 6.

CityBus Company, Hong Kong (2014) - Analysis of Tempo performance in lines 10 and 23.

Singapore IT, Singapore (2013-14) - In a partnership with Lecip, VIA analyzed the effects of automated schedule assistance in the Singapore bus system.