VIA Analytics is dedicated to improving transit through the research and deployment of innovative solutions. We believe that effective transit:

  • Saves time for travelers
  • Lowers costs for operators
  • Enhances jobs for drivers
  • Promotes a healthier environment for all



Juan Argote, PhD

Juan holds a Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering from U.C. Berkeley, where he studied the control and operations of complex transit networks. After graduating Juan was appointed Assistant Director of UCCONNECT, a regional University Transportation Center headquartered at Berkeley.

Carlos Daganzo, PhD

Carlos is a Chancellor's Professor at the Graduate School at U.C. Berkeley and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. A leading innovator in Transportation Engineering, he has authored many highly cited scientific papers (150+) and five influential books on: public transit; logistics; supply chains; and behavioral modeling.

Dylan Saloner, PhD

Dylan oversees product development and UI/UX. He holds a Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering from U.C. Berkeley, where he researched automated transit. Dylan enjoys riding his bicycle and woodworking -- never simultaneously.

Jacob Lynn, PhD

Jacob is responsible for managing, transforming, and understanding the data generated by transit agencies. Jacob is also a recovering astrophysicist. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics from U.C. Berkeley, where he studied the physics of turbulent plasmas.

Lewis Lehe
Front-end wiz

Ethan Xuan
Big Data & Analytics

Jean Doig
Transportation Analyst

Nathalie Saade
Machine Learning

Josh Seeherman
Business Development


Curtis Pierce

Alex Skabardonis

Garth Saloner

Nigel Wilson